Can You Permanently Remove a Double Chin? 6 Benefits of Kybella

Do you find yourself constantly hiding a double chin? At Beverly Hills Sculptress in Beverly Hills, CA, we believe you should be confident in your own skin. There’s a way to get rid of that submental fullness, and it’s called Kybella. This is the only FDA-approved injectable that specifically addresses the problem of a double chin, and it has some amazing benefits you should know about on Kybella.

6 Benefits of Kybella

1. It Offers Permanent Results

This is the big question, and the one most people are worried about. Is this a permanent solution? Yes! Kybella treatment takes care of your double chin permanently. This treatment actually kills off fat cells, which are flushed away by your body’s own lymphatic system. Once fat cells are destroyed, they can’t be re-grown like other types of cells.

When we diet, our existing fat cells either expand or contract, but we never actually grow new ones. Of course, only you can control whether you gain significant weight in the future, and, if you do, it’s possible that the remaining fat cells in your chin could expand enough to give you another double chin.

However, even in this case, the double chin will be less severe because there are fewer cells to expand. Most importantly, so long as you’re able to avoid significant weight gain, you won’t have a problem with submental fullness ever again.

2. It’s a Huge Boost to Self-Confidence

One of the worst things about a double chin is how helpless we can feel against it at times. Even people who have always been at a healthy weight can suffer from submental fullness due to genetics or other factors that have nothing to do with a healthy diet and lifestyle.

When you’re doing all the right things, it can be a confidence-killer to have an area where you just can’t get rid of the weight. Even worse, even the best diet and exercise plans don’t allow you to choose where your body will lose weight from. It’s possible to diet yourself even to a dangerously low weight and still see more fat under your chin than you should.

This treatment can restore your confidence. You’ll look younger than you have in years, and it can give you some control over a condition that isn’t your fault and could be due to nothing more than bad genes.

3. It Doesn’t Interrupt Your Schedule

We understand that you’re busy, and it’s not convenient to carve out enormous blocks of time from your schedule. This treatment, fortunately, only takes about 15 to 20 minutes to complete. For most people, it’s easy to fit into a lunch hour!

Most people also see good results after just three to six treatments total, so it could only take you as little as 45 minutes to permanently get rid of your double chin. Compare that to chin liposuction, which means at least three days off to recover and a treatment session that lasts for over an hour. Even Coolsculpting for the chin takes a lot longer.

4. It Doesn’t Require Downtime

Liposuction is one possible treatment for a double chin, but this is an invasive procedure that comes with significant recovery time. And while technically the fat is all gone instantly, you won’t actually notice your results instantly because of all the swelling.

In contrast, Kybella is fast and simple. There’s no downtime and no laundry list of aftercare instructions that you have to follow for weeks after your treatment.

5. It’s Comfortable

No pain, no gain, right? Wrong, with Kybella. There are other therapies that can address submental fullness, like liposuction, but nothing is as painless and simple as this one. We use needles that are so fine you won’t feel any pain, and just in case, we can apply a topical anesthetic cream if you’re nervous about needles in general. If you close your eyes, you may not even realize treatment has started!

6. The Results Are Natural

Have you ever seen someone who has “had work done?” They’re often the talk of the office. Even if the results look perfectly natural, the sudden change is glaring and gets people talking for all the wrong reasons.

This treatment gradually gets rid of your double chin, and while it’s natural to want instant change, in the end, a gradual change is best. Your chin and profile will gradually improve, and no one will be able to tell that it was due to anything other than diet and exercise. They’ll be talking about you for all the right reasons.

About Kybella

Kybella treatment is made up of a synthetic version of deoxycholic acid. This acid is naturally found within your body. Its job in the body is to break up dietary fat, and this synthetic version does exactly the same thing in your chin with your own fat cells. The deoxycholic acid surrounds the fat cells in the chin and destroys them.

Once the fat cells are dead, your body simply absorbs them and gets rid of them, just as it does with any waste. The process is entirely painless and takes advantage of your body’s own processes for a natural result.

FAQ About This Treatment

How Many Injections Will I Need?

Each person is different, and the total number of treatments you’ll need will depend on your unique situation. When you meet with us, we’ll design a personalized plan that will meet your specific needs.

For most people, three to six treatments will take care of the problem permanently, and it’s important to leave between two and four weeks between each treatment. This gives your body time to process the fat cells that have already been killed off.

Who Is an Ideal Candidate?

The good news is that nearly any healthy man or woman who doesn’t like the appearance of their chin or profile is likely a good candidate for this treatment. Of course, we’ll help you determine if you have any medical conditions or allergies which might interact negatively with this treatment. There are a few things that make you an especially good candidate:

You’re Near Your Target Weight

This isn’t a great treatment for those who are struggling with a lot of excess weight. The deoxycholic acid simply isn’t powerful enough to effectively treat severe fat deposits. Instead, this treatment is aimed at those who are otherwise near a healthy weight but can’t get rid of stubborn fat under the chin.

You’re Not Pregnant

If you’re pregnant or planning to get pregnant in the near future, it’s a good idea to wait for treatment. For one thing, pregnancy typically causes a great deal of weight gain and hormonal changes, and this could possibly undo your results. For another, there have been no studies showing that deoxycholic acid injections are safe for a growing fetus, so it’s best to wait.

You’ve Not Had Treatments Before

If you’ve already had injections or certain cosmetic treatments in your submental area already, this might not be the treatment for you. We’ll help you when you come in for your consultation, and if this treatment isn’t the right one, we can help you find one that is.

What Should I Expect? 

At Your Consultation 

The first step is always to come in for a quick consultation. Our goal is to understand your aesthetic needs and get you the very best treatment possible to meet them. You’ll meet with one of our professionals to talk about your ideal results and the image you’d like to see.

This is also a good time to ask any questions you have and to tell us about your medical and cosmetic treatment history. Then we’ll recommend this treatment or another, based on your needs, and approve you for treatment.

Getting Prepared

There really isn’t much to do to prepare for this treatment. That said, every person is unique, and based on your specific physiology and history, we may have some specific directions that will help you achieve the best possible results.

In general, it’s often a good idea to avoid drinking alcohol or taking blood-thinning medications in the couple of days before your treatment. While there’s very little risk of bruising or bleeding, if you tend to bleed or bruise easily, avoiding these things will make bruising even less likely.

The Day of Treatment

Don’t apply any skincare products to the target area before you come in since one of our first steps will be to clean the area completely to ensure everything is perfectly sterile and safe. If you have any questions at this time, feel free to ask them!

We’ll numb the chin with a cream and then administer the injections in a pattern, making sure to get every area. The needle we use is extremely thin, and you’re unlikely to feel a thing. The whole process takes just minutes, and then you’re off to your normal activities and daily schedule.


There’s nothing to worry about here. All you need to do is treat your skin with a little tender loving care. Avoid exposing it to the sun by using sunscreen and avoiding the sun when the UV rays are at their strongest, which is normally from about 10 am to 3 pm daily. Your skin will also thank you for avoiding too much makeup for a day.

Seeing Results

The deoxycholic acid goes to work instantly, but it takes between two and four weeks for it to completely break down the fat cells and start reducing your double chin. At this point, you’ll be noticing a change and it will be time to consider whether another treatment is right for you. We’ll consider your results each time and will work with you until your submental area is reduced to a size you’re happy with.

You’ll notice along the way that your chin and neck are both younger-looking and more attractive. In many cases, people notice that their skin becomes smoother, as well. You can also combine this treatment with skin tightening treatments, skin rejuvenation, laser resurfacing, or fillers and Botox for a completely refreshed face that looks like you: only younger and more vibrant!

Are You Ready to Be Rid of the Chin? 

Having a profile you’re not proud of can impact your self-esteem. If you’ve tried to get rid of a double chin through diet and exercise and haven’t seen results, it’s easy to become discouraged. In some cases, people become so discouraged they even feel tempted to give up on their healthy lifestyle!

Don’t let submental fullness get in the way of your good health and the face and profile you want to show to the world. With Kybella, you can permanently erase your double chin. Reach out to us at Beverly Hills Sculptress in Beverly Hills, CA for an online consultation or to set up a treatment appointment today.