Can Hair Grow Back? 9 Benefits of Hair Restoration Treatment

Hair Restoration Treatment

80 million Americans suffer from hair loss and thinning. Watching your hair slowly fall out over the years can be detrimental to your self-esteem. Thousands of different types of products claim to be a miracle fix to your hair loss, however, it’s hard to be sure if these chemicals or treatments will do more harm than good. One option is hair restoration at Beverly Hills Sculptress in Beverly Hills, CA. We can offer a natural way to help your hair grow back on its own.

Can Hair Grow Back? 9 Benefits of Hair Restoration Treatment

Hair Restoration Treatment is a process that involves transplanting healthy hair follicles onto your scalp. This means your hair can grow back entirely on its own. Two common ways to do this are with strip transplants and neografts. Each of these methods work better for different situations, but restoring your hair in this manner has many benefits.

1. Guaranteed Results

With other balding cures out there, results vary widely. With a hair transplant treatment, you can know your results are guaranteed. While it may take a little longer to see the effects, hair transplant is different than applying chemicals and hoping it encourages your hair to grow. As long as you are getting treated by qualified experts, your hair is guaranteed to grow back with hair transplants.
Hair transplants are a one-time treatment that is meant to last a lifetime. You won’t need multiple treatments, and you will get a guaranteed reliable result. With either the more traditional strip transplants or the newer neografts, you know your hair will grow back.

2. Increased Self-Confidence

Hair is an important aspect of appearance in almost every culture. Whether you are a man or woman, old or young, your hair is a huge part of your identity. If you are losing your hair or watching it thin, you may feel as though you are losing part of yourself. Men sometimes can help these feelings by shaving their heads. However, for women, hair is an even bigger part of their appearance, and most cultures don’t encourage women to shave their heads, which is bad news for the 21 million women who suffer from hair loss worldwide.
After you go through hair restoration treatment and see your hair growing back on its own, you will feel more confident and attractive. You won’t feel as though you have to shave your head or wear an uncomfortable wig to hide your balding. You can boost your self-esteem and feel like the young you all over again.

3. Balding Goes Away Forever

One of the greatest benefits of hair transplantation is that you are stopping balding at its source forever. So many times other treatments may halt balding for a while or help for a little bit, but it doesn’t last the rest of your life. You may have to keep a regimented routine and still feel like you are fighting a losing battle. With hair transplants, you don’t have to fight your balding anymore.
Balding is caused by a hormone called dihydrotestosterone. This hormone connects with the follicle and signals to the hair follicle to stop functioning. The follicle then slowly dies or stops growing. During the restorative process, the harvested follicles lose their connection to dihydrotestosterone. The hormone won’t be able to make contact with any transplanted follicles, making the resulting hair growth completely permanent. With this restoration treatment, you can stay confident that you won’t have to experience any more balding of areas you’ve already treated.

4. Low Maintenance

Because hair restoration is a permanent solution, it is very low-maintenance. With creams, sprays, gels, or other chemicals, these must be applied daily or weekly to achieve any results. You might have to shampoo with certain soaps to avoid more hair loss. Wigs and toupees also require a lot of maintenance. You might find yourself constantly readjusting them and focusing your attention on how they look instead of enjoying your time.
Hair transplantation is permanent and completely natural. You can use your favorite shampoos and hair care products without worrying about how it might affect your hair. You don’t have to apply anything daily, weekly: or ever! Your hair is completely your own, and you can care for it as you always have. This hair treatment is great for people looking for a low maintenance treatment. Generally, you will only need to have your hair treated once in your entire lifetime.

5. Natural Appearance

You know the people who are trying to pass off their obvious wigs or toupees as their natural hair. Some hair treatments use sprays or even tattoos to create the look of hair. With all this fake hair, it’s hard not to be skeptical of any treatments claiming to give you natural-looking hair.
Hair restoration treatment really means using your own hair to regrow your head of hair. No matter which type of treatment you use, you will be allowing your own hair follicles to take root and grow.
Strip transplants use a strip of your own follicles from the back of your scalp and transplant it onto the place in which your other follicles have died. NeoGrafting transplants individual hair follicles using automated technology. Both of these techniques use your own hair to create new hair on your head. Nothing fake or unnatural will be added to your scalp to create hair. You can use your healthy hair to fix balding spots you may feel uncomfortable with.

6. Cost Savings

Many hair treatments out there require daily or weekly application of creams, gels, or other chemicals. When you have to continually buy a product, those dollars add up. It may not be as large of an upfront cost as a hair transplant, but after years of buying products or even having to buy a variety of different products due to unreliability, you’ll spend far more money than you think.
Decent wigs and toupees are pricey, and that price doesn’t include upkeep. Even constant trips to the hairstylist to hide your sensitive areas or shave your head can begin to burn a hole through your wallet. The great thing about hair transplantation is that while you pay an upfront cost, that is it. What you pay first is all you will pay. There are no hidden continuation costs or multiple levels of treatment. Hair restoration is permanent.

7. Wear the Style You Prefer

Once you have your hair back, you want to be able to wear it however you want. Hair is a form of self-expression, and it’s important to your self-confidence that you can wear your hair the way that feels most like you. With this hair treatment, your hair is completely yours. It is your own natural hair to wear however you prefer. If you want to grow it long, you can. If you want to cut it short, you can. It will still grow back!
You may need to wait to begin wearing your hair in whatever style you want until you have healed from the treatment. We may recommend a certain care method until fully healed, depending on your situation, but once you have healed, you can wear it however you want. Ponytails, buns, cut high and tight, or whatever style suits your fancy at the moment is available to you. After all, it is your natural hair; it only makes sense that you should wear it the way that expresses you best.

8. Reliable Treatment

Hair transplantation was invented in the 1950s. Since then, methods have only improved and become more reliable. Using advancing technology, experts have created a faster, safer treatment that is natural and permanent. They have gathered research to identify the reasons for hair loss and address these issues with permanent solutions.
Every year, 650,000 people opt for hair transplants. In fact, it is so common for men that one study found one in 13 men have had a hair transplant. Because of its growing popularity and success, money for research has poured into this health care specialty. More reliable methods continue to come onto the market all the time, allowing us to refine the techniques for the very best results. Research has also fueled the creation of minimally invasive as well as painless techniques to transplant hair.

9. Natural Solution

Hair restoration uses your natural hair to create hair in your balding spots. This means that your new hair will be entirely your own. It is your own DNA. It is entirely from you. Other treatments require the use of highly chemical products which may harm your skin or worse, your healthy hair. Many people can have an allergic reaction to these products or find they have used all of these chemicals for no result. You won’t have to worry about any of that with the natural solution of hair transplantation.
With hair transplantation, you use your own hair follicles to create new hair growth. You may use strips of follicles like with strip transplants or just a single follicle at a time as with NeoGrafting, but either way, it is your hair. You won’t need any special chemicals or medicines to complete or maintain the treatment. The result is your natural hair. Most people won’t be able to tell the difference. You may even fool your hairstylist.

Are You a Candidate for Hair Restoration?

Nearly anyone makes a great candidate. If you have visible hair loss and can see your scalp because of hair loss, you should consider hair transplantation treatment. You may also fit if you’ve noticed your hair has been thinning or growing slowly for the last three to five years. Men and women can both qualify for hair treatment. Hair loss can affect anyone. It’s important to take care of yourself, especially if you are finding your hair loss is affecting your self-esteem.

Get Your Hair Back

Hair transplantation isn’t a quick fix. It takes time for your natural hair to grow back. However, the benefits will astound you. You can have natural hair in a cost-effective way. You will boost your self-confidence with your natural hair that you can style however you want, and the best part is it is a permanent treatment.
If you are looking for a permanent solution that is money-saving, natural, which will make you look and feel great, hair restoration may be the option for you. You can grow your own natural hair, making you look and feel like yourself again. Beverly Hills Scultptress can help you rediscover your youth. Schedule your consultation today with Beverly Hills Scultptress in Beverly Hills, CA.